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Why you never leave a 14th month toddler alone, even for a second, three feet away

August 9th, 2010 (06:49 am)

My mother and her grandchild just nearly gave me a heart attack, oh my God.

I asked her to look after baby Brianna (who is 14 months old and has just learnt how to walk) for a second while I turned on the computer for my father to use; she nodded in agreement from her spot where she was on the phone on the couch.

There's a little chair, but Brianna is too small to sit on it properly and because she is a naughty baby, she likes to climb on it instead, causing it to topple over if an adult isn't there to catch it. The chair sits in front of a floor-to-ceiling window.... we live on the 19th floor.

I went to prepare the computer for my dad and when I turned back around I nearly had a heart attack: baby Brianna had wandered her way over to the little chair and was about to climb on it!!! >: [ Thank God I saw before she could lift her little foot up and climb on it, I rushed over and picked her up. To be fair my mother was watching her grandchild, but she was three feet away on the couch and didn't anticipate that Brianna would clamber onto the chair.

Baby is fine but omg near heart attack for me.

I love Brianna but looking after small children (especially such a naughty baby as Brianna!) is stressful, haha.